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N N N project demo

NNN Project is:

  • anime-style
  • freeware
  • opensource
  • Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

NNN unique Features:

  • cute characters
    cute1 cute2 cute2
    just imagine You're playing Tales Of Symphonia but online - together with Your best friends
  • free names
    You'll never feel nuisance when Your favorite name is already occupied!
    You may look as You wish. You may choose the name of Your dreams!
    Inside the game it may be rather chaotic but it ruuulez.
  • first person view
    It's enough! No more playing "dolls onscreen"!
    You Yourself are now the anime-character!
    Feel the caress of summer wind with Your face!
    See the charm of cute world with Your own eyes!
  • selectable character appearance
    fkid fmid fadu
    No more 'races' - You now may select how You look like.
    You may grow muscles or brains. You may be funny kid or handsome adult - all up to You now.
  • sub-engine system
    allowing in-game movies, mini-games, high-fidelity simulator flights and more...
    Spacecrafts and SailShips are coming soon.
  • vehicles with realistic physics
  • avatar'ed messages and emotion system
    No more ascii smiles. You can select an emotion and it will be displayed near Your sayings in messages
    and even all nearby players can see it on Your face with their own eyes.
    Smile, cry, blink... Emote.
  • different worlds ranged from cyber-punk realities to fairy tales
    • You want swords dragons and pricesses? - Welcome to Dragon Lands!
    • You want blasters spaceships and computers? - The Star Empire Recruits!
    • Or something kinda usual but fun and animestic? - Border Worlds await You!
    and all this... OPEN!.. FREE!...

For now it's only a demo however. Try it. Check the idea...
If You like it - wait for release and opening of 'official' server...
If You want to help in project development - You are welcome.

Download NNN project demo



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