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MEOW project is the emulated server for work with MicMac Online Game client.
It is totally free and fully opensource (consider it under the terms of the GNU license).



In search of cute anime-like MMORPG the two lost souls once discovered the MicMac Online. They came to live in that world and suddenly understood that soon the server would shutdown. It was a huge disappointment. Moreover there was no equal replace. MicMac is nice. Cute characters, fairy world, friendly gameplay. Not oriented for total PvP or crazy market on the capital mainsquare. And this world was doomed to unexist.

It was a month of mad rush from despair to hope. The raving battle for existence. At first it seemed that there were no chances. But then after many try-and-fails the new server had demonstrated signs of life.

When it became clear that the problem is solvable and a part of the MicMac world would some way stay alive, the project got name: "The MEOW Project" - MicMac Online Emulated World. At present time it is very poor functional but it works.

And we are tremendously gratefull for all our MicMac new friends who showed us (such a noobs we are:) an attractive world of the game.


Becouse Asda Story is a direct and authorized sibling of the MicMac, we (as it was said in MEOW disclaimer) must quit further development and should better go play Asda Story.

However if one wants to continue work on emulator at his/her own responsibility - all the source code is available on our site. Just do it ^_^



File Type Size Platform Binaries Source Description ZIP archive 613 Kb Windows 32bit Yes Yes with IP client tool ZIP archive 260 Kb Windows 32bit Yes No older version




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